Take A Cheat Sheet

Before going to the library, courthouse, or other research facility, considering creating a short “cheat sheet” of key terms you will use while there that confuse you. It may not be practical to constantly “google on the go,” and sometimes time can be saved by making a quick referral to doublecheck the meaning of a word or term. Grantor and grantee are two terms that people often get confused–and that confusion can easily cause the researcher to waste valuable time.


0 thoughts on “Take A Cheat Sheet

  1. A rootdigger

    Good idea, too bad there is not a small pocket book with those terms and definition that is not too wordy thus to make the book too thick. It's often the reason I have to keep other tabs open.

  2. NoOceanInKansas

    I have a book called “A to ZAX, A Comprehensive Dictionary for Genealogists and Historians” by Barbara Jean Evans. Even though it's a paperback, it's still 300 pages long but does fit nicely into a book bag. I do like the idea of a cheat sheet, though! Thanks for the tip.


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