Don’t Assume That It Is Wrong

Do not assume something that looks incorrect is. It may be right. The image that is a part of this post comes from a marriage record in Union County, Iowa, that indicates the bride Emma Pollard was getting married for the fifth time. The temptation might be that somehow this is incorrect–it does seem high.

Turns out it was correct and this marriage from 1883 was her fifth. Don’t assume what looks wrong is. Sometimes it is correct.


0 thoughts on “Don’t Assume That It Is Wrong

  1. Michael John Neill

    1) Divorce
    2) Divorce
    3) Divorce
    4) “Parted” never divorced
    5) He died
    6) He died

    There were actually 6. I've written about this woman several times in my newsletter. She's quite an interesting person.

  2. Anonymous

    I used to work for Health and Welfare in the data department. Once there was a marriage license with the bride having 12 previous marriages and the groom had 14. lol
    They were in their late 40's.


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