Enumerated Twice in a Census?

Depending on their family and work situation, there is a chance that an ancestor is enumerated more than once in a census. The census was not necessarily always taken “on just one day,” so individuals who moved around the time of the census may have been listed by two enumerators. Individuals who were living in one household and working as domestic help in another may show up in twice–once in each household.


4 thoughts on “Enumerated Twice in a Census?

  1. Anonymous

    I've found some where individuals or families were enumerated twice in the same census. In 1910, a family of eight in Durango, Colorado were enumerated on their farm, and at their house in town. Another individual was enumerated at his parents house, and 3 weeks later at his sister's house in a different state – his occupation “travels for fun”

  2. Anonymous

    And mothers unwilling to cut the apron strings might still say that their children were living at home…

  3. Laura

    There are also those who weren't enumerated at all. Canada held its national census last year. At the time, I was in the hospital waiting for a bed in a nursing facility–my name and entire family info for that matter, was not accounted for. I'm positive that, for one reason or another, there are thousands whom are missed in any given census, which makes our work all-the-more difficult.


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