Do You Need It In Color?

Is it possible that a color scan or copy of a document or record might indicate clues that are not as easy to see on a plain black and white copy? Even sometimes a grayscale scan may show some nuances of shade and different colors or handwriting.

This image which we’ve discussed elsewhere makes a simple illustration.


0 thoughts on “Do You Need It In Color?

  1. KAT

    A disadvantage to using microfilmed records is that they ae in black & white and differences in writing may be difficult to notice.
    One also has to consider the type of writing instruments from the olden times — they didn't always perform consistently — the pen had to be dipped in an ink well.

  2. Michael John Neill

    Pens that didn't perform well are a good point KAT. That's something people need to consider as well.

    The document from which this image is taken clearly as a few things written in a different pen and hand at a different point in time. But in other records the differences are not necessarily so clear.


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