You Can’t Always Call the Cemetery

Those who have never researched rural ancestors are sometimes in for a treat. It can be difficult in some cases to locate someone who has a map of the cemetery or a person that has a listing of who owns which plots, etc.

For some rural cemeteries, particularly ones that are no longer used, no such list exists. Township or other local officials may oversee the cemetery, maybe. Or no one at all may look after the cemetery and the records, if there ever were any, may be long gone.

And rural cemeteries rarely have phone numbers you can call to get information. Local historical or genealogical societies and libraries may have information about the cemetery or they may not. Local funeral homes may know who to contact in regards to some cemeteries–particularly ones that are still accepting burials. Local government officials, even if they are not responsible for the cemetery’s upkeep, may be aware of someone who knows about who is in the cemetery.

Adjacent landowners may know who knows something about the cemetery, but get permission before walking on someone’s property.