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Old Versions Might Be Different

Sometimes we tend to favor the most recent set of transcriptions of a set of documents, tombstones, etc.

Be aware that an earlier transcription of original records could have been done when the documents were easier to read or by someone more familiar with the local names and families. A transcription of tombstones done in the 1930s might have included stones that today are totally gone.

Those “old” transcriptions may be just what you need.


Extra Pages at “The End?”

In looking at print material, do you make certain there is not some sort of addendum stuck at the end of the book? A book of marriage bond transcriptions I recently used had two pages of “missed” entries that were added after the book was typed. These pages were not included in the index either.

And microfilmed church and other records may have extraneous material filmed after the book or actual records were filmed. And sometimes the pastor might insert something extra at the end just because he felt like it.


End of Free Brick Wall Webinar Give-A-Way

Off and on for the past year, we’ve offered free downloads of the first and second installments in my “Brick Walls from A to Z” series. We’re turning those coupons off as of 9:00 AM on 12 November. You don’t have to play them immediately, but the download does need to take place by that time.

So if you’ve been waiting or have missed the offer before–now is your chance!



In One Place Only

There are still records that exist only in their original form. They have not been transcribed. They have not been microfilmed. They have not been digitized.

Local records frequently fall into this category of being available “only in the original location,” but there are others as well. While it is realized that not everyone can travel to remote places to perform research, at least be aware that there may be more material out there.


Names Switched?

My great-aunt is buried in Idaho. She has two tombstones–one a military one and other a joint stone with her husband.

The dates of birth and death are the same–born in 1910 and died in 1990.

One has her name as Anna M. Hutchison and the other has her name as Margaret M. Hutchison.

Never hurts to change those first and middle names around when performing searches.

And the stones should be transcribed they way they are inscribed. Commentary about what is “correct” can be made elsewhere.