Before You Post That Genealogical Query

[reposted from November 2014 as it didn’t migrate over]

Before you post a genealogy query online, think about how easy you are making it for someone else to help you. Ideal queries provide a summary of what you know. Potential helpers may be less likely to help if they have to post a series of follow up questions to really know what you know and what you don’t.

For a list of query writing suggestions, check out this post on Rootdig.


One thought on “Before You Post That Genealogical Query

  1. Carole Hammond

    Years ago I was in charge of the Oregon Genealogical Society and I always asked for Who, What, Where, and When in the query. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing one that doesn’t tell the century, the state or county, and what their question was. Those are the ones that don’t get answered.


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