Marrying After A Divorce?

If your ancestor was divorced, do you know if there were any restrictions on when they could marry again? In some locations in some time periods, a divorced person may have had to wait a certain amount of time before they could marry again.


3 thoughts on “Marrying After A Divorce?

  1. Milena

    My ggg grandmother left her husband and children (including my gg grandfather) around 1848-1850 in Ohio. In the 1850 census she was living in the next county over with an attorney, his wife, and children. She remarried in January 1851 and started a new family. I never thought about there being a specific period of time before she could remarry. I have not been able to find the date of the divorce but that’s something to consider for sure!

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      There is a book that indexes Ohio divorces statewide. I’m not certain if it goes late enough for your problem or not.

  2. irene marquart

    There is proof that my grandfather married a woman named Mae in 1916 and then Anna in
    1918. So far we have found no evidence of his divorce from Mae, who lived to the 1930s in
    a nearby town using her former last name. Anna was my grandmother.
    She would not have had anything to do with possible bigamy. Did she not know of his
    marriage to Mae?


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