How Many Descendants Have You Tracked?

I’m “stuck” on my Thomas Chaney who died in 1856 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. In reviewing my material on him, I realized that I have several of his children who I have not tracked down. Of his nearly ten children who grew to adulthood, I have significant information on the descendants of one and a scattering of information on descendants of one other.

Maybe it’s time to research his children more fully than I have in hopes of locating more on him.


3 thoughts on “How Many Descendants Have You Tracked?

  1. Deborah outland

    On a smaller scale, I have found that in searching for a person in the census, if I have no luck with the person of interest, searching for the child or spouse instead can give great results. Your broader search suggestion is even better, I think!

  2. Michele Lagoy

    I have tracked down the name of a relative of my Great-Grandfather’s brother. As he was the oldest of the siblings, I would really like to talk to someone from this branch of the family. Any tips for finding someone who might still be living. Cannot find an obit on him. Last info I have from his mother’s obit says he was in Pasco County Florida. No date of birth but I estimate he is between 55 to 70 years old. His common name is James T. Sullivan. Thanks.


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