A Nationality of Her Own

The 1920 census lists New York native Mary Verikios as an alien. She lost her citizenship upon her marriage to unnaturalized Greek immigrant Peter Verikios. I’d forgotten about this until I stumbled upon a reference to A Nationality of Her Own which addresses the citizenship of US women before the 1922 passage of the Cable Act which separated a woman’s citizenship status from that of her husband.

When Mary and Peter married his citizenship status became hers. That’s not true today.


One thought on “A Nationality of Her Own

  1. W David Samuelsen

    The Cable Act of 1922 , women still lose their citizenship unless they apply.

    Even with the repeal of Cable Act in 1936, women still lose because of 1906 Act

    1940 Act applied only to those who lost between 1907-1922. Does not apply to those who married aliens after 1922.

    It took a court action in early 1950s to restore the citizenship to all natural-born women who married after 1922 and no applying needed. (I can’t find the article now but there was few years ago online.)


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