About Genealogy Tip of the Day

Genealogy Tip of the Day is written by genealogist Michael John Neill. Michal has actively researched his own genealogy for over thirty years in a variety of locations and time periods. He also leads research trips to the Family History Library and the Allen County Library in addition to giving seminars and workshops.

“Tip of the Day” tips are meant to cover a wide range of time periods and geographic areas. While our concentration is on the United States, many of our suggestions apply to other areas. Not all tips will apply equally to all locations and time periods–sometimes they are just meant to get you thinking.

Tips are not copied and pasted from anywhere. They are usually written while Michael is researching or writing. Sometimes they will be similar to tips that have appeared in the past–there is a limit to how many tips we can write!

Feel free to share or forward tips with others–but please include the source of the tip. The following is usually sufficient:

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