3 thoughts on “Check Before You Go

  1. Ray Jones

    I researched my Father’s 1925 divorce from his first wife using the records in he MD Archives in Annapolis, MD. Quite a file and very interesting as my father had 3 men testify that she had slept with them.
    They were quite a collection of documents, and I would have left out items if I had tried to copy the,.
    The Archives offer a CD for $35., which includes ALL docs in the collection of files.
    I did the same with my Mom’s divorce, which includes the testimony in Court and an 8 page letter from her Husband who fled and disappeared her after he hit her.
    Point being, these services are a great help, if available.

  2. Jan Wright

    Michael, I was in your class August 2015 at ACPL and I go there frequently. I will be happy to photo that missing page for you if you’d like.

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      Thanks, Jan. Looking at their catalog, it doesn’t look like ACPL has this specific book. Their collection of these relatively recent German “village books” isn’t very large.


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