Pick a Random One to Review

Instead of banging your head against the wall on the same person, pick an ancestor or relative you think you have “finished.” Go back and double-check your conclusions on that person, cite sources that weren’t cited, originally, look for gaps in their life chronology.

The time away from the brick wall may give you a fresh perspective on it…and save some wear and tear on your head!


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One thought on “Pick a Random One to Review

  1. Mary Anne Price

    Another way to step back and get a fresh perspective is to help someone else with their genealogy. I was a registrar for 4 years for my DAR chapter, and in working with applicants from many other states, I saw a number of different records and ways of finding information on them that have given me ideas for new ways to approach my own research. And it provides a great deal of satisfaction to help find family connections for someone else!


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