Sharing the Beer Box to Generate Interest

beer-boxThere are a variety of ways one can interest “non-genealogists” in family history.

I recently posted this image from an 1889 estate settlement that mentions cash received from the return of a “beer box.” I shared it with a few of my second cousins on Facebook who got a kick out of it. We even had a brief discussion about the purchase/storage of beer in the late 19th century. Sometimes sharing something “non-genealogical” can help to either generate interest in the past or spur a discussion of it.

Is there something outside of the births, marriages, deaths, and “begats” that you could share?


3 thoughts on “Sharing the Beer Box to Generate Interest

  1. Sandi Spieles

    My best “shares” are scans of old photos — not just the formal marriages, but people projecting emotions and their relationships — couples with loving looks, babies looking like little scamps, a traditional bare bottom baby on a bear rug, etc.

    1. Nadine

      I have an account from a newspaper about my great-great-grandfather, a recent immigrant, who went on horseback to see a close neighbor about the guy’s hogs that escaped and got onto his property. The guy attacked him so that he fell off his horse, and when he picked up the barrel stave the guy hit him with and went after him, the guy shot at him with a shotgun. This was in 1880, and the judge couldn’t decide, and there was a second trial, which I have not tracked down yet.


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