Names Transposed?

Some last names sound like first names and some first names sound like last names. WIth names in a foreign language, it can be easy for the unfamiliar ear to not know which is which. A relative Panagiotis Verikios is enumerated as Verikios Panagiotis in an early 20th century census. I even am sometimes referred to by my last name of Neill.

And that man your ancestor married named Tinsley Rucker?  He could easily be referred to as Rucker Tinsley.


2 thoughts on “Names Transposed?

  1. Howland Davis

    My names are frequently reversed by reservation people for motels. I say that I have a reservation for Davis, they say they have none and I ask about one for Howland and there it is. I overheard a motel desk clerk saying that they did not have a reservation for the caller although the address was correct. I mouthed to the clerk to ask for the first name. When he was told and told me I motioned to flip the names. The motel had the reservation.

  2. AIrene Rumary

    My surname is Rumary. Frequently when I am to give name and address and I respond
    Arlene Rumary, the questioner waits for a surname, believing that Rumary is a middle name,
    some variation of Mary.


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