Intention Does Not Guarantee It Happened

Some records were created before an event took place, usually in preparation for the event itself. The issuance of a marriage license does not guarantee that the marriage ever took place. The announcement of marriage banns also is not evidence of the actual marriage.

Even a church bulletin announcing my baptism that day in church does not guarantee it took place. It does indicate the event was planned and scheduled for that day. And, in all likelihood, it did take place.

But if one document said something was going to happen and other reliable information indicated that event did not happen, remind yourself that not every event intended to be actually comes to pass.



3 thoughts on “Intention Does Not Guarantee It Happened

  1. Patty Gilbert

    Well, that’s a new one. I never thought about an event not taking place but I do know things can happen to cause a cancellation. I’d better remind myself of this. Thank u.

  2. Tina M

    While researching at a local courthouse, I found a marriage license that was not signed and dated by a minister. Not long after, I found a signed and dated marriage license with the same groom but a different bride. What a surprise!!!

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