The Front and the Back, Please

Always look at the front and back of every document. This document from a military service file was folded into thirds and the “cover” contained a comment made by the clerk–that wasn’t really supposed to be there. That’s why it’s always advised to make certain you see both sides of a document. frontandback


3 thoughts on “The Front and the Back, Please

  1. Rhonda Keyes

    Funny, just yesterday this very thing happened to me. As I was digging out photos for an upcoming reunion I noticed one of my grandfather as a very young man that I had never paid much attention to because it was poor quality, including being overexposed, double exposed and even torn. I turned it over and it had his name, a street address and “Albany, ALA.” He lived in AL and GA so I thought he mixed it up and it should be Albany, GA. I “Googled” Albany, AL and sure enough there is a section of Decatur, AL., where he had lived, called Albany. The Google page included a map of the location and very close by was a huge railroad stitching yard. I knew that he had worked as an apprentice for L & N Railroad. I have several other photos with little or no information but they appear to be taken on a railroad track. Everything about these other photos point to the same time frame as the poor quality, overexposed, torn photo! This one piece of info, on the back of a photo that should have been tossed years and years ago has helped tremendously in identifying other photos.


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