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Generally speaking, genealogists who write and lecture extensively about genealogy research and methodology, put sources in one of three categories:

  • Original-the first time the document was recorded.
  • Derivative-when the document was reproduced, whether by hand or some sort of “image reproduction”
  • Authored Narrative-usually a written compilation of original and derivative records along with analysis, interpretation and summary

This classification scheme is not perfect. No scheme is perfect. This classification scheme does not comment on the accuracy of the record. That’s the job of the researcher as some original sources are virtually worthless and some derivative sources are excellent.

For more about record classification and analysis, consult  Evidence Explained


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  1. Dolly

    I have now read up to Nov. 2016 posts and have found them very informative I will be keeping up with them day to day Thank you very much. I am just getting back to my genealogy after moving twice in 6 months. once within the same complex because I needed a wheelchair ramp. God bless you and keep up the good work. Dolly


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