Did the Minister Take the Records?

In some denominations, the minister would take the church records with him when he moved to another congregation. This is more likely to happen in frontier churches and in denominations that tended to keep less detailed records. Catholic priests tended to not do this, but there are exceptions.

As a result, the records may be in the last church the minister ministered at, the hands of a descendant of the actual minister, a local historical society or library that happened to obtain the records, or somewhere else.

Any of these places could be quite a distance from where the actual church was located.


5 thoughts on “Did the Minister Take the Records?

  1. Cindy

    Any idea where Methodist records may be? I have people in Maryland who do not show on any of the online records for the other local churches

  2. Nancy Chesnutt

    In doing German research I ran across the information that the person in charge of records took the books and moved to South Africa.

  3. Caroline Horton

    For Methodist marriage records try the Conference Headquarters for the United Methodist Church in Maryland or any other state. Someone there can tell you where the archives for that conference is located, often at a church college library.


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