Always File them Together

Years ago, I had a quick translation done of this postcard. Over the years the translation became separated from the card. I should have appended the translation to the image, put them both in one PDF file, or stored them in a separate folder as two separate documents-the image and the translation. Make certain that documents that really need to be filed together are filed together in a way that they won’t get separated. 


3 thoughts on “Always File them Together

  1. Carol Weldon

    I have done something very similar. I’ve started adding a ‘t’ after the same name given to the image, document, etc. for my transcriptions.
    Allen Amariah F 1900 IA Benton Leroy Twp p194A –is the image of the census
    Allen Amariah F 1900 IA Benton Leroy Twp p194A t –is the transcription of the census



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