County Histories Can Mention Non-Residents

County histories may mention people who never lived there. This Marlborough, NH history mentions a native of Ontario never set foot in New Hampshire. She married into a family who spent time in New Hampshire–but the family member she married left as a young man and never returned.  The clue to your puzzle may have been published several states away.



3 thoughts on “County Histories Can Mention Non-Residents

  1. Karen Tomblin

    Another good reason to research the siblings in your line. Maybe they moved somewhere else and became the pioneers that have a full chapter biography written about them (and their family) in some of the town and county histories.

  2. Barbara DeHart

    Years ago I discovered a County History book re: where one of my relatives had lived for a while. His name wasn’t included in the index and I didn’t particularly want to read the whole book. I knew his wife’s name but not much more about her family. However I looked in the index for her maiden name and found her, her parents, siblings, etc. along with my relative as her husband . Apparently her family was noteworthy, or paid to have their family history mentioned and my relative wasn’t or didn’t/couldn’t buy space to be mentioned.


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