DNA Won’t Solve Every Question

DNA testing will not solve all your genealogy problems. It is only one tool. It can confirm that a relationship exists between two people, but it needs to be used together with other genealogical sources to establish the precise nature of the relationship. DNA testing won’t tell many of the biographical details about your relative that will be in other records.

One can’t simply send their DNA to one of the sites and expect to have a completed pedigree chart returned to them. It’s more complicated than that.

I’ve finally taken the plunge and ordered a DNA test–which will be discussed in more detail on my Rootdig blog. I’m hoping to get some clues, but not a completed pedigree chart.


7 thoughts on “DNA Won’t Solve Every Question

  1. Jane Coryell

    Sometimes DNA can create problems. It turned out that my great-great-grandfather was not who we thought he was at all. His results strongly matched a different name. After some searching, we found that he was illegitimate. We discovered who his mother was, but never could discover his father.

  2. Kathie Fortner

    My mother’s family came from Quebec where records easily go back to the late 1680’s. So I have had many matches that I can trace both my line and my matches line quite easily. I have 226 shaky leaf matches that I am exploring.

      1. michaeljohnneill Post author

        There will be more detailed posts on my Rootdig blog–but we many mention things briefly here.


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