Three Days off in 1858

Compare the actual date of a record with the date indicated by the database. Don’t assume the database is correct and use the actual record date where possible since it’s more accurate.

Any database can occasionally have a date incorrect. Small differences usually don’t have a huge impact on research conclusions, but sometimes they do–depending upon how “off” the incorrect date is.


And maybe doublecheck again.

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2 thoughts on “Three Days off in 1858

  1. anna greeno

    I am indexing the early births of 1900’s for our genealogy society and found one birth for Fri. 19th April 1902 and the next for Sun. 23 April 1902 – I wonder what happened to 21 and 22 and then there was one for a child born ‘ a little after 4 in the afternoon on Thurs”. No day or month given.

  2. Patty Gilbert

    I’m finding out that some funerals & memorial services r postponed because of bad weather. And as well know out here in the Pacific Northwest that sports &outdoor activities have also been postponed because of rain and snow in some areas, colder weather & wind. I couldn’t figure 5why dates were a bit later from some events until we had it. Now I get it.


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