Buried at the Home?

Individuals who died at a veterans’ home or hospital may have been buried on the grounds instead of being sent home. If your veteran (or his spouse) is not buried near where he or she lived, see if they were sent to a veterans’ hospital.


6 thoughts on “Buried at the Home?

  1. Beverlee Lanning

    I have an ancestor who died and was buried in the cemetery of the mental hospital where he lived. This was in the early 1900’s. The facility will not release any information they have in their files…. because of HIPAA regulations!
    That doesn’t seem “right”!

    1. TR

      HIPAA came about in 1996, in response to electronic medical records. Since you’re not seeking Medical Information from a “Covered Entity” (hospital or other medical facility), HIPAA does not apply. Cemeteries, Funeral Homes, Museums, etc are not covered as an entity, since they are not medical facilities. The Mental Facility itself is covered by HIPAA, but the cemetery there is not. They should release information on your ancestor’s burial (name, location, date of death, etc).

      1. michaeljohnneill Post author

        This depends upon the state. In Illinois an act seals all records of “developmental” facilities–including state asylums that have been closed for decades.


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