It’s All for Naught, There’s Not a “Not”

Any document can contain an error. The clerk writing out this document forgot the “not” as it should say that the individual the statement “was not aided in any way…”

Some errors are insignificant. Others are not.

But any record can contain an error–at least records created by humans.


2 thoughts on “It’s All for Naught, There’s Not a “Not”

  1. Lynn

    Michael, I really enjoy your tips. However, the new emails are not working for me. The font is too small for these senior citizen eyes and the lines are too long and run off the screen. It is not that way on the website, only in the emails themselver.

    I hope you are able to correct this. 🙂

    Sincerely, Lynn

    1. Lynn

      Well, that was appropriate. Posting on “any document can contain an error”, I myself made an error.
      In my post above, it should have read “only in the emails themselves”.


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