Refused the Census Man?

If your ancestor refused to answer the door for the census taker, neighbors may have answered questions for him. Their knowledge may have been sketchy. If your ancestor was in a boarding house, the landlady may have answered questions for him. And it’s possible that your relative was missed by the census taker entirely. It’s unusual to be missed if a person was “stable” and not moving frequently. Movers and people avoiding the law tended to sometimes avoid the census taker.

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3 thoughts on “Refused the Census Man?

  1. Susan Masse

    I can’t find a relative in the 1840 census, but he managed to be enumerated twice in 1880: once in Kansas and then again in Nebraska on his way to Washington Territory.

  2. Nancy

    I have some I can’t find in Tennessee and Kentucky around the time of the civil war. Don’t know if they were missed or moved or took a vacation! Lol!


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