An 1803 Plot from Amherst County, Virginia

We will be discussing this in a future post, but I could not resist sharing this 1803 plot of a parcel of property surveyed for Thomas Sledd in Amherst County, Virginia. It was surveyed a few years before he left for Kentucky.

These old drawings are wonderful. They are land records, but sometimes these survey plots are recorded in a separate series of books.


2 thoughts on “An 1803 Plot from Amherst County, Virginia

  1. Wilma Keely (Gram Doyle)

    Diagram of “Sledd’s Land, Dower, and Division” Page 102 Nicholas Co. Deeds
    Apr 1831
    Widows Dower; Wm Sledd, Nelson SLedd, Thomas Sledd, Nancy Six Late Nancy SLedd, Belinda Sledd

    *****See the map of Kentucky Land on FB post.


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