Searching for People I “Already Know About”

Some researchers ask “Why search for someone I already know ‘everything’ on?” or someone “I’m not really researching?”
This is why. Because they can lead you to someone else.

A search for my great-uncle, Alvin Ufkes, located a reference to him as a pallbearer at the 1962 funeral in Quincy, Illinois, for sister of his grandmother .

I may never have located the death notice and the obituary for Anna Buhrmeister (a few days earlier) if I had not searched for my great-uncle in the collection from which this image was taken.



One thought on “Searching for People I “Already Know About”

  1. Patty

    Ok, now I know why it is so important to look at every detail of a piece of paper. I’m getting excited about all the information I have & what else & who else yo look 4.


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