Consistent Occupation?

As you trace a relative over time and through various records, make certain the occupations listed for him (if they are given) are relatively consistent over time and with his age and probable educational status. While occupations can change and evolve during an ancestor’s life, the change should usually not be dramatic.

Or if there is a dramatic change, there should be a reason for it–war, economic depression, etc.


2 thoughts on “Consistent Occupation?

  1. Alec Ege

    One of my gguncles owned a very large piano manufacturing co…..Jacob Doll and Sons… made it easy to determine whether or not a record was for my family whenever it said” works in a piano factory” as he gave all relatives, both by blood or marriage a job.

  2. Patricia

    A Policeman in one London Ancestor suddenly becomes a ?Gardener Labourer and then the next census is a Retired Policeman. I can’t find any scandal or anything where he was accused of wrongdoing. He seemed to be an upstanding citizen so would have loved to find out what happened for the change of status.


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