Those Memories of the Last Few Days

It may sound morbid, but if you happen to be around when a loved one is at the end of their life, write down some of the more poignant moments.

Not the medical details, but the other little stories. A few days before my mother died, I had finally fallen asleep at around four in the morning only to have a nurse come in and perform a bed check. I yelled and shot out of my chair. There my mother and the nurse were, laughing as if it were the funniest thing they had ever seen. Who knows, maybe it was. I was aware enough of my surroundings not to be irritated that I was being laughed at.

And I remember my mother’s cousin and his wife coming to visit Mom a few days before she died and the two of them laughing over some childhood memory. Had I really been on my game, I would have written that memory down, but it’s now forgotten. But at least I have my recollection of the visit.

It’s always important to write down our own memories of life events. Things do get forgotten.

And never say “Mom’s cousin came to visit.” Always include their full name. Always.