The Importance of Reviewing

When was the last time you reviewed your genealogical information? It may be that:

  • you’ve made a mistake somewhere,
  • a new database has become available,
  • you’ve got new information that’s not been compared to what you already had,
  • etc.

I recently reviewed my ancestor table on my other site. In correcting an error I discovered new leads to follow.

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3 thoughts on “The Importance of Reviewing

  1. Sue

    Because of a software failure I had to rebuild my data…yes I have hard copy, so I thought it would just be data entry. Boy was I wrong. So many problems with “early” data that I thought I had taken care of. LOL

  2. Ann A.

    I am reviewing the work I did on the OLD and the FamilySearch Family Tree 4-5 years ago and am finding new information every week; new record sources, new people to add to the tree, links to spouses I didn’t previously know about … It’s never ending!


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