Directories in the Back of Directories

A residential directory may contain more than a directory of residents with addresses. Some directories have specific directories after the main residential listing. Those “directories in the back” may contain additional clues about someone you are researching. This 1918 Prairie Farmer’s Directory for Hancock County, Illinois, contained several additional directories, including ones for various breeders of cattle and chickens, tractor owners, automobile owners, and silo owners.

The directory contained an unexpected reference to a relative who was living in a different county at the time. His mention in the “Silo Owner’s Directory” may indicate he still owned property in the area even though he did not live there.


2 thoughts on “Directories in the Back of Directories

  1. Sue

    The early Polk’s Directories for Salem/Marion County, Oregon contain a list of all taxpayers in the county, and the value of the property they were taxed on. Some of them also contain cross directories which indicate ownership of properties and lists of residents in small outlying communities. Invaluable in researching early residents.

  2. Patty

    Ok, I am curious to get busy with new places to search locally for information. You r so helpful. Thank u. Sometimes I simply forget what I am doing.


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