Enumerated in the Census Twice?

Moving around census time, working away from home, and being at school are just a few of the reasons someone can be listed in a census more than once. Be open to the possibility that your relative could have been counted twice and don’t assume that person with the same name is a different person.

But…don’t just assume they are the same person if the names match–find a reason. My grandmother was “working out” in 1930 and was enumerated with her parents and in the household where she was employed.


6 thoughts on “Enumerated in the Census Twice?

  1. E A

    I have seen this several times in my research. I think it all depends on when the enumerator actually obtained the information, because I have seen an instance where a brother and sister, both under the age of 6, have been recorded with the households of both their parents and maternal grandparents. These residences were in different districts. So maybe granny remembered them staying overnight when in fact they went home.

  2. helen

    My great great grandfather was enumerated in the 1850 Independence, MO census with his wife and children. He was also enumerated in the 1850 Sacramento, CA census. The Sacramento census was taken very late in the year.
    Since they left for the West early, as soon as the grass greened, I don’t think he was still in Mo. at that census date.

    1. Jan

      In trying to track down when a family moved from Georgia to Florida I found them in Georgia, counted April 1, and then I found them again in Florida, counted in September. Mom and Dad and several kids were counted in both places, same names, and ages at the correct locations. So now I know they made the move over that summer.
      In another family, the oldest son set off from Alabama to seek his future in Texas and he was counted at home in Alabama. He was also counted as a boarder and laborer in Texas next door to the family of a young woman who would later become his wife. I happened to find him in Texas while I was looking for information on her. Fun information to find.

  3. Kat

    I’ve found several family members who were enumerated twice — and in the same county, different EDs. I wondered if they told the census taker that they had previously been counted. What were the instructions for such?

  4. Carol bartholomew

    My dad was counted twice in 1930. Once at home in Denver and once in Manhattan my. I know the one in Manhattan is him even tho the family he was staying with had him born in Kansas because he was living next door to his aunt and he said he was there to go to school. But the depression hit and he had t find work to get home. He spoke of taking the census in hell’s kitchen I’m still trying to find that. But it’s a big area and haven’t figured out how to search for an enumerator. I am also on the 1960 census one at home in Denver and one at school in Greeley

  5. Diane

    I was faced with this early in my research when I discovered a great aunt at her parents’ home in 1920. She was also listed as the wife of ______ at another location. Turns out she was staying with her mother following the birth of a child, who was NOT listed that year! Lesson learned? Read everything!!! Sometimes the story is between the lines! Happy Hunting!


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