Using Online Trees Webinar

Using Online Trees

This recorded session discusses using information and sources found in the “online trees” that some genealogists love and some genealogists hate. We discuss ways to analyze information in a tree, sorting out maybe good trees from probably not-so-good trees, keeping downloaded information separate from your “good information,” tracking the trees that you’ve used so you don’t waste time reviewing them again, times to use what you find in a tree in your own database, dealing with compilers, handling incorrect information, and more. The download of this presentation includes the fifty-minute presentation and the handout.

A recording of this session is being offered at a special introductory price of $8 to celebrate our 80,000th fan for Genealogy Tip of the Day on Facebook. Offer ends on 11 November 2017 at 8 am central.

Order “Using Online Trees”–download is immediate and handout is included. Special introductory price of $8.