Are You Getting Tip of the Day Emails?–This is a Test

We are apparently having difficulty with our email distribution of our tips.

If you get this in an email–please respond to that email so that I know the tips are going out. Thanks!


44 thoughts on “Are You Getting Tip of the Day Emails?–This is a Test

  1. Pat Curtis

    Yes-I love them put in a folder each day after reading.Been doing genealogy since 1st grandchild born in 1979.
    I work all allied family-siblings.

  2. Georgia Morgan

    Yes, I’m getting them. Sometimes they serve as great reminders to do something I may have done before, but not on the person I’m currently working on. Today’s tip is something I definitely need to consider further for certain brick walls. Thanks.

  3. Meredith Bell

    I just tried to open the app on my iPhone7 but your page would not load. Maybe I should remove the app and reinstall it. (I’m not as young and confident as I was a few years ago!)


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