Never Assume Who that Permanent Address Isn’t

Research revealed that this 52-year draft registrant listed his mother as his “permanent contact” on this US World War II “Old Men’s Draft Registration” card. That’s not who I thought it was because of his age and the fact that the last name didn’t “match.” The name needed to be researched as it also could have been a sister or a married daughter.

This card almost wasn’t looked at “because what can it really tell me?”

I found out just what it could tell me–a name that I didn’t have before.


2 thoughts on “Never Assume Who that Permanent Address Isn’t

  1. P Miller

    The underlined address is not the “permanent” address. If you read the field title, it is the address if the person who will always know your address. It looks like the man lived in a Soldiers & Sailors Home.

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      This is correct. That’s why “permanent” was put in quotes every time. It was done in the image due to spacing issues. I should have commented on it more in the actual tip. Thanks.


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