What You Think…

How much information in your genealogy files is there because you “thought” it instead of finding a record or source to provide evidence of it?

You may think that your relatives were married in a certain town, but the marriage record only says the name of the county.

You may think great-great-grandpa was born in Jackson Township, Coshocton County, Ohio, but all the records you have only say the name of the county.

You may think that your grandparents attended the same church as your great-grandparents, but it’s possible they did not.

Researchers want to think. It’s essential.

Just remember that before putting down locations, events, etc. we need more than just what we think to be true.

Review materials you compiled early in your research? Is there information you put down because you “thought” it was true? That could be why you have a brick wall.

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One thought on “What You Think…

  1. Patty

    I’ve made real colorful index cards with names, dates, places of births, deaths & any other information including children, parents, relatives & any thing else that might be important.


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