200B For the Cause of Death Does Not Mean Death by 200 Bees

Modern United States certificates often have code numbers that are specific to the cause of death. In some cases they may provide additional information or be more specific than the listed cause. This 1938 death certificate’s code of 200b pretty much means the person dropped dead.

The International List of Causes of Death has been revised several times and can be seen online. Make certain you are using the correct year as the codes have been modified over time.


4 thoughts on “200B For the Cause of Death Does Not Mean Death by 200 Bees

  1. Kat

    Death certificates can have other numbers on them as well. On some Mississippi death certificates, the soundex code for the surname is written on the document. Certificates for some years were indexed using the Soundex system.

  2. toni

    Does it start with a list and then each revision add to it? I was going to print one just so I didn’t have to find it on line every time I needed it but which one to print?

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      To be honest, I have not compared them to see how much the changes are additions versus really changing the numbers. I have several of them downloaded to use when I need them.


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