Name Those Downloaded Images and Files

When saving images from Facebook (or any other site), give the images names that make sense. Some sites autogenerate file names or change them as they are uploaded to the site by users.

Random names of random characters are difficult to understand. 


4 thoughts on “Name Those Downloaded Images and Files

  1. Jan

    I name the files (usually) but each time I do I might unintentionally change the file name just enough so like files don’t stay together. And by stay together I mean so that when I look for information on a ggg grandfather, those records will all line up together when I look for them. The file name that seems so obvious when I download it can sometimes become invisible weeks later when I look for it. Consistency is the key to file naming.

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      That’s right. Consistency, enough detail so the name isn’t cryptic, and a naming pattern that you’ll actually remember and use are key.


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