Mr. and Mrs. SameName

For years I did not realize a relative who died in her early twenties had married. The only reference I had to her was in her grandfather’s estate settlement where she’s mentioned as having predeceased him.

She did marry and was married at her grandfather’s death. She had married a man whose last name was the same as her maiden name–so her last name never changed and the “name change” clue one would expect to have was not there.



2 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. SameName

  1. C. Vines

    My grandmother married a cousin with the same last name. Others trying to follow this tree stop with this couple apparently because they can’t believe they were 1st cousins. My grandfather died very young so my family had little contact with his siblings. We know who they were, however. Wish I had asked questions when I had the opportunity. ( marriage was in 1906).

  2. Dana Rahm Sutton

    It’s more understandable when the name is something that is easy to say. My great-grandfather’s sister’s maiden name was Rahm & it took me two years to figure out she married a Rahm. Both were born in Bavaria but were married in Illinois. I found it hard to believe that she (& a few other women) wouldn’t look for an easier family name as I did. My great-great Grandmother was also Elizabeth Rahm before she married Charles Rahm. Most of my family members who’ve attempted genealogy don’t believe this either.


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