Two Sons Named John


Immigrants may “translate” their first names after they settle in the United States–or any country where the language is different. Names may be officially changed when naturalizing or unofficially after settling in a new area. In some cases names that were different in the old country (Jann and Johann in the case of the couple in the illustration both used John) may no longer be different.



3 thoughts on “Two Sons Named John

  1. Barb

    I have found in one family from Germany that was Catholic all the son’s names were Johann and all the girls were Mary and then the children went by their middle name. That makes it real fun to try and follow

    1. Jan

      I also have a family with all the sons named Johann. It took me forever to figure it out. And even more confusing, the sisters were all named Johanna! They were from Germany, but I don’t think they were Catholic.


  2. Joan

    When a man subsequently has 2 wives, and both wives have a father with the same given name, the man may end up with 2 sons with the same name, too.


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