All Those Grandchildren

Researching the entire family is advised, but we don’t always do it.

I was trying to pin down information on an aunt, Wilhelmina (Trautvetter) Senf Kraft–particularly when she managed to settle in Illinois. It was not until I obtained the christening record of each of her grandchildren that I was able to do that.

There as one of the sponsors for one of her grandchildren was Wilhelmina. It helped me to pinpoint when she had arrived in Illinois.



2 thoughts on “All Those Grandchildren

  1. Patty

    Gotcha! Hadn’t quite understood some of the recommended documentations required. Now I understand. Thank u. It is to help to try tying up those loose ends.

  2. Joan

    Yes, within the last year I’ve been adding widnesses. Widnesses to baptisms – when available – and witnesses to marriages – when available (only in a few places). It can give additional children or spouses to the original family.


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