Boundary Changes May Not Be Huge

Sometimes we assume that county boundary changes are during the “early” days of settlement in an area and involve large areas. That’s not always true. One of my ancestor’s property “changed counties” when the county boundary was moved from an arbitrary straight line between two points to a creek–which made it easier.

The amount of acreage was relatively small, but it was large enough to move my ancestor’s property to the neighboring county–simply because of the side of the river on which his farm was located.


One thought on “Boundary Changes May Not Be Huge

  1. Ann A.

    My daughters ended up attending different high schools at the same time in the late 1980’s because our neighborhood was annexed into the nearby city when my older daughter was in 9th grade. She was allowed to finish at the county high school while my younger daughter attended the city high school.

    When we sold that house about 10 years later, the title searcher could not find the original purchase until I told her she had to travel out to the county courthouse to see it. I don’t think she was happy about that because the city courthouse was much closer!


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