AncestryDNA Class–June/June 2018

Based on many requests, we’ve added this class to our schedule for June/July:

AncestryDNA–5 weeks


  • Understanding what can and cannot be learned from the AncestryDNA test
  • Strategies for “figuring out” people who do not return communication
  • Probability of relationship based on shared DNA and relationship scenarios not presented
  • Downloading AncestryDNA matches into an Excel spreadsheet and working with those matches and that spreadsheet
  • Determining what matches you want to try and figure out
  • Tracking results and findings
  • Problem-solving
  • Looking at the results when the grandfather was an adoptee who wasn’t the birth father of one of his children
  • Analyzing tree for ethnic/geographic pools
  • Sorting matches that can’t be determined specifically
  • Keeping your list of matches up to date

More details are on our announcement page.



One thought on “AncestryDNA Class–June/June 2018

  1. Patty

    I am slowly figureing out how to go step by step in finding how process works. I hope people will bear with me. It’s not that I don’t want to learn who new families r I am just real slow at it.


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