They May Have Moved…A Lot

An ancestor of mine has children who were born in Canada, Mchigan, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. He and his family got around.

Never assume that your ancestor did not move. Just because he was in a specific location in 1850 and 1860 does not mean that he was there in 1855. One of my wife’s ancestral families was in Illinois in every census after 1860, but spent two years in Pennsylvania and a year in England after that. Both of these residences took place in off census years and the family was “back” in Illinois for the next enumeration.


2 thoughts on “They May Have Moved…A Lot

  1. Toni

    When I read that I thought I had sent you a post at some point in time! Exactly what my great grandparents did. Throw in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and you have their entire moving history!

  2. Martha Jessop

    An ancestor from Scotland married a woman from Ireland, had a child in Ireland, another in England, and a third in Ireland again; but when census records begin in 1841, he and his family remained in the same place in Scotland for the next 40 years. This led to the discovery that he had been in the British army for 15 years.


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