Hathitrust.org allows researchers to perform full-text searches of millions of pages of scanned texts. Users can view full images of out-of-copyright books and perform searches of some books still within copyright. There are a variety of ways to interact with and save the images. Some of this material is on other sites, but it is possible that a key word or phrase has been read differently or that a book was available for digitization here that is not on other sites.

From their website–they currently have digitized:

  • 16,431,171 total volumes
  • 8,003,093 book titles
  • 441,256 serial titles
  • 5,750,909,850 pages
  • 736 terabytes
  • 194 miles
  • 13,350 tons

One example from Hathitrust.org–a 1918 copy of “Railway Maintenance Engineer”