Just Bake the Genealogy Cake

In some cases your family history research may never be finished. It’s a fact of research. The best bet is to write up and organize what you have now, before it is too late.

Even if your research is incomplete, leaving behind a written up discussion of your research process (with citations–even if not perfect–the world will not end) and your conclusions is better than leaving a pile (or a hard drive) full of unorganized and un-analyzed material. Later researchers can build upon what you have done.

Just start putting things together. Genealogy is the cake batter that’s never “quite ready for the oven.” Sometimes you just have to bake it.

This metaphor may be half-baked, but hopefully readers get the point.

If you find more information, just add it to the frosting (grin!).


5 thoughts on “Just Bake the Genealogy Cake

  1. Terri Hildreth

    Love this Michael. May I share it with my local genealogy society for their quarterly newsletter (with proper credit, of course)?

  2. Karen Grossman

    I’ve worked on several projects and many times I have to just stop and hope someday someone can add more information. But as you write it down you find more things to add. I like the baking the cake analogy.
    Karen Grossman

  3. D Becker

    I look at my “stuff” as more of a stew. You can throw more ingredients in as you find them. If you have eaten some, that’s okay; the additional ingredients aren’t likely to over-flow the pot.

    And given the variety of places my ancestors seem to be “from”, there are an awfully lot of ingredients in my genealogical stew!

  4. Dianne Cox

    I ran across your website and saw that you conducted a genealogy research conference in Salt Lake City last spring and am wondering if it is an annual event. I am very interested in attending if you are planning a trip in 2019.


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