What Was that Pin and Pinning Down Their Names

I’ve seen this picture numerous times and it wasn’t until today that I really noticed the pin that Foche Goldenstein is wearing in this picture. I’m not certain of its significance still, but it might be worth some time trying to determine. I also realized that the scan of this picture, made years ago, does not include the names of the children in the picture. I have that information, but never put it on the actual image–so there’s something else to do as well.

The oldest child (the daughter standing in the back) is my great-grandmother, Tjode (Goldenstein) Habben (1881-1954). The identification of the other children in the picture was done by her daughter. When I annotate the image, I should indicate who made the identification of the individuals in the picture–that gets to how reliable the information is.

If the identification were to be done based on apparent birth order of the children in the picture compared to birth records of Foche and Anna’s children, then that should be noted as well.

Always pin down your reasoning for photo identification (if you can). That way others aren’t wondering how you knew who those people were.