Doggedly Pursuing Your Research

Walking me for a little while may be the best brick wall breaker there is. And….it will be less time cleaning up messes.

Sometimes I talk to the dog and occasionally I’ll ask Riley for a “genealogy tip.” Of course his answers come from my head and not his no matter how I change my voice.

Sometimes it’s really good to get the opinion of someone “outside your own head,” from someone who doesn’t have all the assumptions about the family that you do and may have a fresh perspective. There are times where that’s helpful.

Just be careful from whom you take genealogical advice–especially when money or significant amounts of time are involved. Riley’s a sweet little dog, but if he could talk I’m not certain how helpful he’d be on 17th century Virginia court records.

But…taking him for a walk and distracting myself from what I’m working on is another good problem-solving technique in its own right.