What Was the Last Thing You Transcribed?

It can be easy to gather images of ancestral records from the internet. But research is more than simply seeing who has the biggest genealogy files of record images.

When was the last time you actually transcribed a deed, will, estate record, death certificate or other document that you obtained? Transcribing a document one word at a time does take time, but it forces you to look at each part of the record. That can be a great way to notice details that can be overlooked in a quick, silent reading.

Transcribing can help you think about the document and that can cause you to have larger genealogical epiphanies–and genealogists are all about having genealogical revelations.

And lastly, transcribing a document makes it easier for you later to share it, search it for names, and perform other manipulations on the document and the information it contains.